Saturday, January 1, 2011

I spent the day today hanging out at my parents house watching football (Roll Tide!), keeping up with kids and I even had a chance to cut out some fabric for my next project.

I got back to my house and found some time to start stitching some of the pieces together and realized that I screwed up.  Yup... lesson learned - always have the instructions pulled up before you start ironing interfacing to your fabric pieces.  Yeah... I'm going to have to re-cut several pieces.  Oops.

Curious about what I'm working on??

I found this cute Gathered Clutch Tutorial at Noodlehead  about a month or so ago and knew that I just had to make one (or some).  I think these would make super cute gifts.  After I make this first one and see how it goes, I'm thinking I'll stitch up some more to stash away for gifts throughout the year.

I'll report back tomorrow with news on how it goes :)

1 comment:

  1. this is too cute!!! Both aprons and your little ones!!


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