Monday, October 3, 2011

The 2 Minute Infinity Scarf

Yes... it's been FOREVER... but I'm back with a fun and super quick tutorial!  Yeah!

Last week I went to Joann Fabrics with a friend who found this awesome green jersey knit fabric that she was going to use to make a dress out of.  Well, it was my favorite color green and really super soft so I couldn't pass up getting a little of it for myself too...

2 Minute Infinity Scarf
(Isn't that an awesome green color?)

I figured I could make a great little scarf out of this fabric and add a little color to my pretty boring (mostly black and grey) work wardrobe at the same time.

And so now you get my 2 Minute Infinity Scarf Tutorial!  :)

Yes, it seriously took me only 2 minutes (or less) to make!  I'm not kidding... it's the perfect quick sewing project and would make a great gift item to add to your list of holiday gifts to make :)

OK, so here we go...

2 Minute Infinity Scarf

  1. Buy some knit fabric - the longer the better (mine was 60") and have it cut to 1/8 yard (or cut it yourself, but that will probably add an extra minute to the project ;) )
  2. Fold it so that the short sides are together, and pin.
  3. Sew your edges together :)
That's it!
So easy, right? I could see this in lots of great colors and patterns filling up my closet :)

2 Minute Infinity Scarf

What are you waiting for? Go make one of your own :)
And if you do make one yourself... please link it up in the comments here, I'd love to see it!
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