Thursday, December 30, 2010

New books and my first project!

new books

For Christmas I got 5 new craft books!! All ones I had picked out especially because they are things I can do easily by hand and are pretty portable. Mostly, things I can do sitting and watching TV after the kids have gone to bed. :)

Anyway, after flipping through the books a few times I started picking out my first project to make. And here they are...


Aren't those just super cute coasters?? They were super simple and fairly quick to make. It took me 3 evenings of about an hour each - so easily an afternoon project if you have time to do it all at once. I want to make more... and probably will.

Check out the detail from the hand stitching... I love it!
Coasters - details

The project came from this awesome little book, Appliqué Your Way by Kayte Terry. There are some seriously cute projects in there. I can't wait to try more.

I'm thinking that these would be a fun sell on Etsy... what do you think? Would you buy them?

Speaking of Etsy... Desiree and I have been working hard to get our new Etsy shop up and running. Hopefully we will have a few items ready to list this weekend... so stay tuned for more updates on that! I'm excited about this one!

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