Monday, January 24, 2011

finally tried vinyl

So... everyone has been doing all this super awesome stuff with vinyl and their Silhouette machine.  I have a Silhouette that has been boxed up for the past 2 years in the garage.  Why?  Well, I have the original Silhouette and originally, the software was only for Windows machines.  I have a Mac.  So, I used it a few times using my old laptop then got annoyed at not having a place to be able to set everything up... and having to design things on one machine then take the files to another to cut it all up.  So... it got boxed up.

Well, with all the hype about Silhouette machines lately... I discovered that they had updated the software and it would work with my Mac now!  Yeah!

Anyway, like I said... there have been tons of awesome vinyl projects out there lately and I really wanted to try it out on my machine.  So I stopped at Hobby Lobby last week and got a roll of vinyl using my 40% off coupon :)  Yeah!  That meant I paid about $4.99 for a 10 foot roll :)

I finally got around to figuring out what I wanted to cut... and had at it.

Silhouette cut vinyl

Awesome huh?  A new vinyl label for my laptop.  Not that I need to tell it apart from anyone else as it rarely leaves my house... but it's pretty.  And was the perfect starter vinyl project :)

I now want to do something really cool on my Kitchenaid mixer like this... by Sophie at Sophie Gallo Design

Maybe even something cool on my sewing machine :)

One thing I did notice was that it took forever to cut this simple design.  My machine kept "thinking" in between cuts.  Not sure if that is normal, or what the deal was... but eventually it worked out ok.  Has anyone else had this problem??

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