Saturday, January 8, 2011

My First Quilt

I just finished piecing together my topper for my first ever quilt!!  I was so excited, that I needed to come write this up :)

Check it out, isn't it awesome??

my first quilt - top

I found this cute (mini) jellyroll of fabric at Hobby Lobby on Friday and knew that it would be perfect for this project. I say a mini because it only had 20 strips in it and so was about half the size that I normally see them in. If you are wondering, a jellyroll is made up of 2.5" strips of pre-cut fabric.

It's so much easier to work on something when it's already cut for you... right? :)

The original plan was to just sew each strip together and that would be the topper... but after I got all the strips together, it just looked too plain for me.  I had to do something to mix it up a bit!  So, i cut off a few inches worth and then cut a 2.5" strip of the solid white and stitched that in there - flipping the portion of the strips so that they didn't match up exactly on the other side.

I like it so much better this way... what do you think?

Now, I've just got to figure out what fabric I want to use for the backing and for the binding, then get Mom to help me put it all together... and quilt it of course :)


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