Sunday, January 9, 2011

Inches of snow, thunder and lightning too!

This is just hilarious to me... it doesn't snow in Alabama.  Not usually enough to be concerned with at least.  So last week when the weather guys started predicting snow for tonight/tomorrow I thought "yeah, I'll believe it when I see it".  Our weather guys are usually pretty off anyway. 

Of course, since it doesn't snow much around here everyone panics and rushes the grocery stores.  Not just businesses and schools shut down... the entire city pretty much shuts down.  It's funny.  I've lived in enough places where it snows normally and they would seriously laugh at how things are handled around here.  So I think it's funny.

Around 8:00 pm, there was nothing on the ground at my house, by 9:15 there was a very light dusting and the snow that was falling was pretty fine flakes.  By 10:00 there was probably close to 2 inches on the ground.  It's beautiful.

So, maybe we will get somewhere near that 7-8 inches that they talked about... who knows.  If we do though, let's just hope that my work ends up closing and so does my husbands.  Boy, I sure am glad that I took the chance to get out of this house for  a little bit today.

Oh, and the other interesting thing... it was thundering and lightning out... while it was snowing.  I've NEVER heard of this before.  It surely is strange... but pretty cool actually.  It's apparently got a name... thundersnow.  Sounds made up doesn't it?  Apparently, it's a real thing - see what Wikipedia says about it.

Anyway, provided I don't have to work tomorrow I'll be getting the girls dressed up cute and taking them out for a fun photo op.  That will be awesome!


  1. So this may be entirely creepy but I found your blog through a series of blogs and came to this one. It stopped me dead in my tracks because 1) I <3 your blog and 2) I also love watching WAFF 48! I'm just stunned to find a craft blog that I love and we're both in the TN valley!

    Really random, I know, haha.

  2. Not creepy... it's totally cool. Glad you are enjoying my blog :) It's definitely fun finding a "neighbor" with similar interests! :)


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