Monday, January 24, 2011

headband almost complete!

I'm glad I decided to also make a headband for this headband swap in addition to the one I purchased... because, well... I'm afraid that the one I bought on Etsy won't make it here in time.  We are supposed to mail our headbands out by next Monday 1/31 - so there is still time.  But just in case... I at least have a back up plan. 

The only reason I'm a little worried is that the shop that I've been stalking for awhile that I mentioned was closed and empty - started stocking their stuff up again, and I didn't see the notice still on their front page about them being closed still (or maybe they aren't closed still, but jut forgot to remove the notice)  I don't know.  Anyway, I bought 2 headbands from them (one for my lovely partner and one for myself) and well... that's it.  Here's hoping they get here in time... if not, I'll just send along my lovely headband by the deadline and just send along the other when it gets here.

Don't worry there though swap partner... the one I made is super cute, and totally not covered in hot glue (as warned by Danielle) :)  I hope you'll like it... I totally do!

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