Monday, November 29, 2010

What I did last night

Yes, it's technically "crafty" - although more "artsy"... either way, it belongs here because "I made it!"  :) hehe

Last night I had plans to meet up with two old friends from high school.  We met for dinner then went to Spirited Art in Huntsville, AL.  Basically, you sign up to go drink and paint.  Really... you can bring whatever you want to drink (alcohol is welcomed) and you just relax and have a bit of fun following along with the selected painting.  It's super easy (so don't be scared if you think you can't paint), and lots of fun!

Here's some fun photos from our night out :)

My co-horts for the evening...

Jackie (by the way, this is a total Jackie face here... happy, excited, and even the out-of-focusness of it all lends to describe her because I've never known Jackie to be able to sit still)



The awesome color wheel that they had on the wall... made out of paint samples that you get at the home improvement store (or paint store I guess)
By the way, I would totally love to make one of these! Maybe on a smaller scale though in my future craft room... hummmm

Me & Annie getting ready for the class to start

Getting started... it sure is a little scary getting those first few strokes on the canvas

A lot of the description on how to place stuff and where to paint (how to space things out) was done by having us stretch our fingers out certain ways to measure... interesting, but it sure worked!



I apparently stick my tongue out a lot when I concentrate on things... I kinda always have done this... my kids to it too (who knew sticking your tongue out could be an inherited behavior?)

Our finished paintings... by this time it was 9:30 pm and I was exhausted!!

We had a blast! This is totally something that I plan to do again!! They even set up private parties - that could be fun sometime!

Thanks to Jackie for sharing her photos with me to use here!!

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  1. i love the labels: drinking, painitng, spirited art. perfect! had so much fun!


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