Friday, November 5, 2010


I didn't forget to post something this week... I've just been super busy getting everything ready for little SQ's First Birthday party!  Yup... it's come down to crunch time, and tomorrow we will finally have this whole party thing behind us.

I used to think that I'd like planning parties, but really, it's not ended up being as much fun as I thought.  Probably because I've ended up being the ONLY parent to do any planning for these birthday parties.  Figures... oh well.  Hopefully when the girls are a little older and are able to put in any sort of requests about what they'd like then it might be more fun... we'll see :)

So, I'll be posting about the party later this weekend... for now, here's what the girls were doing this evening while I was busy baking cakes...

The sneaky little SQ, getting into my cabinet of all things plastic :)

And my sweet little artist, NK :)
My Little Artist

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