Sunday, November 14, 2010

Houndstooth Clutch

Ok, so it doesn't have to be houndstooth - but mine is :)

How cute is this?

I made it using a freebie pattern that I found at  I figured, it be a really cute, quick something to make and there are endless possibilities of what you could to do customize this little clutch.  I decided it was best to start with the pattern as written, then for future ones then I could do something a little different.

The pattern is for beginners, but there do seem to be some instructions that are implied.  Pay attention to what you are doing and think twice before you stitch - otherwise, you'll end up ripping seams (like me).

This is the second pattern of theirs I have tried (... more about the first one later).  I found a pattern that I really like for a new purse too.  Their patterns are really adorable!!

Things I did differently, or noticed for next time...
I didn't have a magnetic closure, but I did have velcro... so I used velcro - which was iron on, so no extra stitching :)

There is a pattern piece for a handle - this is optional, mine obviously didn't have it.  The instructions for adding this handle are at the very end of the instructions pages, so I had actually cut out a piece and still have it left over for next time (guess I'm making another houndstooth one :)).  So if you want the handle, check the instructions at the end of the packet before you begin.

When you add the lining and the exterior together, it simply says to put the right sides together (which is correct... but it doesn't exactly tell you that you should fold the flap piece into the inside of the bag before you add the lining.  So, make sure you fold it in before you stitch the lining in place otherwise, you'll end up with a bag with the flap hidden somewhere inside the lining.

And I'm not really sure how this happened... but my lining is a bit baggy and too big for the inside of my bag (the lining is bigger than the exterior).  Not sure what happened, because I really did follow instructions and used the right size seam allowances.

Anyone else want to try and make one?  I'd love to see pictures!

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