Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December Daily: 1

So, there's this awesome project that Ali Edwards started way back when called December Daily... I've been doing this the past 2 years, and even though I was tempted to tell myself I was too busy to do it this year, I'm making myself do it.  I mean really... I've already done 2 years in a row, why not keep up the tradition?

What is December Daily?  Well, Ali explains it all very well right here so there's no use in me re-explaining it in detail.  But basically, it's a mini scrapbook with words and pictures for each day of December.  Some people just go up to Christmas day, others do the whole month.  I've done both before... kinda (my past 2 albums haven't exactly been completed 100%).  This year, I'm not completely sure how far I will go - we'll see how things happen.  Hopefully this year I can at least keep up with this everyday as things happen and actually get my layouts created.

In the past I've done handmade albums - as in hand scrapped, as opposed to digitally scrapped.  This year, I'm going digital at least with the main layout of my pages.  I'll start printing them as I figure out how I want to bind them (a pre-made album, a handmade album, professionally printed and bound album, etc.)  I figure if I can at least get all the layouts done digitally and share them here then that's a first step.  I can always go back and print them all at the end of the month and find time later to bind it all together.

The one big thing that I am missing this year is that a main part of the project is that you are supposed to get your physical album created and ready beforehand.  That way you can spend minimal amount of time during the month with your pages and at the end have a full completed album.  Well, since I ran out of time and was questioning if I'd do this again this year or not... I'm going to do it backwards.  I'll create the album after I already have all my pages. 

Anyway, without further delay... here is today's page... (click to view larger)
December Daily: 1
December Daily: 1

Happy December!

Tonight we went to a Christmas party for Jeremy’s work.  Things started off oh so well, as Sarah got sick in the car right before we got to the party.  The rest of the evening she was great though.  The girls made some new friends and had a blast playing with Wyatt (16 mos).  Sarah got very friendly with Wyatt’s Mommy which surprised us because she’s usually very weary around any new person.

We all had a great time!  The girls even got to stay out late - as we didn’t leave the party until around 8:30pm (already past bedtime).  But they were pretty good, so all was well.

Are you participating in December Daily?  I'd love to see how yours is coming along!  Leave a comment and point me to where I can view your album :)

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