Sunday, October 31, 2010

So Cute It's Scary - Quick Shirt-Redo

Happy Halloween!!

This morning as I went to get the kids dressed, I realized that they didn't really have anything "Halloween-ish" to wear today.  All I had was this cute little outfit that I bought last year...

it was in a 9 month size and the top wasn't going to fit either of the girls this year.  So... I came up with a brilliant idea... I'd use the embroidered part of the shirt and put it on a shirt that does fit!

(I'll warn you now, I forgot to take photos of most everything... sorry.  I'll be better at that next time.)

After searching through the closet to come up with a shirt that we could use, I found a white turtleneck onesie.  The onesie still fit width-wise but my oldest was still too tall for it to be worn as a onesie.

I simply cut off the bottom snap part of the shirt in a straight line right above the leg opening - allowing the shirt to be as long as possible.

Still the shirt was now going to be a little too short, so I took out some of my scrap Halloween themed fabric that I had and cut two pieces to make a new bottom piece for the shirt.  I simply laid the shirt hem (or non-hem at this point, but where the hem would go) over the fabric to determine the width I would need, then cut it a little bit wider - wide enough to make the correct width once I stitched the sides together.

Then I stitched the sides together and ironed the bottom of the themed fabric up to make a hem, and pressed out the seams that I just sewed up too.

Come back to the sewing machine and hem the bottom of your fabric.  You should now have a band of themed fabric - one side hemmed, the other not.  Turn this band inside-out (so you see the wrong side).

With your shirt right-side out slide the hem on over the bottom of the shirt - the right sides of the fabric will be together and the un-stitched sides will be together.  Pin the fabrics together, and stitch with at least a 1/4 in seam (depending on your preference).  Press out the seam.

You now have a cute little band added to your re-purposed onesie. :)

Now, carefully cut the embroidered design off of the non-fitting shirt to the dimensions that you want it.  You can cut right around the design, or in a square or circle... whatever makes most sense.  Lay that piece on top of your themed fabric and cut out the shape in your themed fabric - only slightly bigger - depending on how much of the themed fabric you'd like to see.

I pinked my edges to keep them from fraying too badly, and so that I wouldn't have to be too careful about the stitching I did around the edges.

Pin your design onto your new shirt where you'd like it, and stitch in place.  I stitched the embroidered design piece on the themed fabric first, then stitched the whole thing on my shirt.  You can do it either way.  Even try some decorative stitches if you feel like it :)

And here is what you end up with...
Ta-Da!  Isn't that just adorable?  Not too bad for a super quick, last-minute holiday shirt, huh?  Seriously, this took me maybe 30 minutes to do - and that's with kids running around under my feet while I was working on it.

It looks even cuter on! :)  Don't you think?

So what happened with those cute little pants from the original set? Well, it seems that my youngest daughter is just a little short... so she can still fit in those pants just fine. She's wearing them with a little black turtleneck and couldn't be cuter! :)

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