Monday, December 6, 2010

December Daily: 4

Day 4: Samantha's Graduation and a SEC Championship Game

December Daily: 4

Congratulations Samantha! Today Samantha graduated from UAHuntsville! She has worked so hard for this, and finally is finished with school. We wish her lots of luck in finding a new job in her field (Human Resources). The whole family is so proud of you Sam!
I was nervous about taking Sarah to the ceremony (Nora was with Grandma & Grandpa Shepard) but she was very good... just a little squirmy, but other than that (which was expected anyway) she did great!

December Daily: 4

After the graduation ceremony, we headed over to Joe & Kathy’s house to celebrate and (of course) to watch the SEC Championship game. Auburn played South Carolina (this was SC’s first ever SEC Championship game). It was quite an entertaining game if I must say so... final score, Auburn 56 - SC 17! (Dare i say it... War Eagle). Now off to the National Championship game in January, against Oregon. How cool will it be when Auburn wins the Championship and then 2 years in a row, the state of Alabama will have their best schools with a record of 14-0 and the National Championship title.
Yes, we LOVE football around here.

By the way, I have gone back and forth with how I am going to put my album together... finally I think I have a plan - one I just need to stick to or else this whole project will never come together (there are just so many awesome options)...

I'm sticking to my original album option - a red post-bound 8x8 Martha Stewart album that I got on clearance at Michaels awhile back.  I cut extra pages out of patterned and plain white cardstock to fit in alongside the pocket sleeves that came with the album. 

I'm also going to skip trying to get ink for my printer and print each page myself - I'll be much happier with the quality if I just have them printed professionally.  Luckily, my regular local printer (Wolf Camera -  in other places it might be Ritz or something else) prints 6x8's for $0.99 each.  So I can just upload my order and have them ready to pick up within the hour (or more likely, the next day on my lunch break).


  1. Hey malea! What program are you using to make your scrapbook pages? They look great! -aspen

  2. Thanks Aspen!! I use PhotoShop... LOVE it! Of course it's pricey - if you are looking for something more affordable than $750+ then I'd totally recommend PhotoShop Elements though (around $99).


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