Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ruffle Bottom Bably Bloomers - First Attempt

Crappy camera phone picture, yes... but aren't these just adorable?

I was trying to think of something cute I could make as a baby shower gift and was inspired to make these darling little ruffle bottom bloomers.  They were super simple, and only took an afternoon to make (Yes, it probably could have been done in about an hour, but when you've got the little ones running around under your feet while working on projects, then an afternoon...)

These are my first draft, so I won't go into a ton of detail... I do plan to post a tutorial from the next pair that gets made though, so please check back in the next week or so if you are interested. :)

My sister is a photographer (the lovely Whitney of Caught You On Camera), she happened to have a photo shoot with a newborn the day after I made these so she took them to test out for me.  Unfortunately, they were sized a bit too small.  The next pair will need to be enlarged a bit all the way around.  Again, more details later - a tutorial and pattern if all works out right.

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