Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Few New Fall Ideas

I've been looking around online and finding lots of really cool ideas to try and thought I might share a bit... hope you enjoy!  Let me know if you try any of these as well!  I'd love to see what everyone can do!

This super cute wreath is super simple and super fabulous!  It was made by Elise from one of my favorite blogs... I love her designs and super awesome craftiness :)  You can find the tutorial for this on her guest post at A Beautiful Mess.

Isn't this bag awesome?  I was searching for an idea of how to decorate some basic black totes that I have for the girls to use as trick-or-treat bags and found this awesome tutorial and pattern, by The Sometimes Crafter.  I wish I had found this sooner, as I certainly don't have time to make these for this Halloween.  They have definitely been added to the list for next year though :)  Be sure to check out her site as she's got tons of really awesome ideas listed!

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