Wednesday, March 9, 2011

As I promised... (even though I'm super slow)

I know, I'm a few days late on the photos that I had been promising... it's been crazy around here, so that's really my own excuse (it's valid though).  I finally got a chance to sit down with my camera and computer and get these photos downloaded - I can't believe it's been about a month since I have downloaded photos!  That is so not like me at all... I'm going to be better!

I've got quite a few projects that I had done and haven't shared yet, so stay tuned for those in the next few days.

my almost finished skirt

As you can see, it still needs to be hemmed.  I'm getting there - but just not in much of a rush because I already know that it doesn't quite fit me either... so it will have to hang out in the closet until I drop a size or two. 

This skirt was really pretty easy to make.  The only difficulties I had was when I tried to add a lining to it.  See, I didn't start out planning on needing a lining but after making the first few stitches I realized that the skirt fabric was a bit see through.  It's not exactly work appropriate to have a semi-see through skirt, you know?  Well, I obviously didn't have any lining fabric with me at home so I had to plan another trip to JoAnns. 

In the mean time, I kept sewing along on the skirt.  I should have stopped when I got to the zipper part - but it was one of the first few steps and I was really wanting to get it put together.  In hindsight, I need to not put the zipper in until I have the lining ready.  It looks pretty rough on the inside...

Actually, next time I just need to pay more attention to my fabric choice and not get anything that needs a lining. :)

Oh yeah, if you are wondering... the pattern I used was from Simplicity's New Look collection, #6843

Like I said, it was really simple to follow... not a lot of steps either (it's one of those 1 hour patterns).  My only complaint is that the pattern only comes in one set of sizes... and it doesn't go up to my correct size (sadly, I guessed my measurements incorrectly).  I think I am going to do some reading about how to adjust a pattern and then maybe try this one again.

Does anyone know of any good resources for learning how to adjust a pattern for your own measurements?  Please leave any suggestions in the comments :)

Speaking of comments... I just love them!  Thanks to everyone who has left comments for me in the past... keep them coming!   I know I've been a little boring lately, but there really will be more fun stuff coming soon!

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