Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A little bit of crochet

By now you've noticed that I am fairly random with my craft projects. I try lots of different things and tend to be a little scattered. It's just something different to keep me from getting bored. :)

Last week I got a text message from a friend asking me to whip up a gift for a baby shower. So I started brainstorming and eventually decided to make a cute little crochet baby hat.

What do you think? It's super soft and I'm surprised at how cute it turned out. A little secret... I've never made a complete crochet hat before this one. I'm so happy it ended up being cute, because I was really starting to run out of alternative ideas for baby headwear. For some reason I kept focusing back on the crochet

Of course, after that I browsed around a bit more and looked to see what other free patterns I could find. I came across ravelry.com and found lots of really awesome project ideas. Revelry is a community sire for knit and crochet enthusiasts. Luckily there were tons of awesome beginner patterns to choose from.

I came across another really cute hat pattern that i decided to try for my girls. It seemed more appropriate for this time of year because it's more of an open stitched hat... I leaves a bit of breathing room. Of course, not that I'll likely have much luck getting either of my girls to keep this new hat on their heads for very long, but I've got something cute at least that maybe I can bribe them into wearing for at least a few photos.

I'll share more about that later... After I finish a second one for the other kid :). Hopefully with several. Cute photos of them actually being worn.


  1. I like it - sometimes have trouble keeping my little one in a hat!

  2. Oh, it's adorable! I loved crocheting the baby hat I made, I've been meaning to start on another one soon - there's some great patterns on Ravellry.

  3. Thanks ladies! Yeah, I have trouble getting my girls to actually wear hats either... but sometimes they want to, so I love having some cute ones around. Or just for photos even. :)


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