Sunday, February 13, 2011

What a fun week!

Wow, this past week has been pretty crazy!  With my birthday and all that goes with that, plus the crazy weather day stuff that happened on Thursday, I'm kind of glad that this week is basically over.  Overall, it was a good week, but still a bit exhausting.

Friday, I went to work as usual and the lovely girls from work sang to me and then gave me a pretty necklace and the softest houndstooth scarf ever!  Lucky me, it matched my outfit for the day so I got to wear it :)

We went out Friday night with my family and some friends to eat German food on the Arsenal.  It used to be a birthday tradition of mine, but somehow we hadn't been there since about 2004... I think.  Oh well, we finally made it back at least.  It was good food and we had a great time!

Saturday, I hung out at home with the girls and the husband until it was time to go to a baby shower for my friend, Jessica.  I had a good time, and most of all, I'm pretty sure she did too.  It was good to see people that I hadn't seen in awhile.  The invitation said to just bring gift cards because they are still waiting to get into a new house, so I didn't take my awesome homemade gift.  I should have just taken it though, because most people didn't follow instructions.  Oh well, this will give me an excuse to see her again sometime soon.  I'll share the cute home made baby gift after it's been given (it's pretty adorable - and an original design by me!)

After the baby shower, I headed home to do a final pick up of the house and help get the girls settled.  Aunt Whitney was coming over to babysit so that we could go out with some friends (OK, technically family - but you know).  See, here's where it gets fun - not really - I had forgotten that this was "Valentine's Weekend" and kind of forgot to get a reservation for dinner.  Luckily I found a table for 6 at Phuket Thai Restaurant, so we went there.  The food was good - but we had nothing to do after dinner.  We were going to go to a movie but there weren't enough seats available (go figure), so we ended up at my Sister-in-Law's house playing Rockband.  Yeah, we are a bunch of nerds... but it was fun.  The night ended around 11:00... we got home to find out that all had gone well with the girls, and I fell asleep pretty quickly.  See, I am getting old.  I'm not used to all this going out business anymore.

Anyway, you are probably wondering where all the crafty fun went... I am working on something great to share in the next few days.  This past week I spent time making a baby gift, but I can't really share it until it's been given away... so you know the drill.

One little hint... I tried my hand at using some piping for the first time, and I just love it!  It just makes things look so much cuter!  I even made my very own custom piping for a project that I am still working on.  I'll share more later.  But if you are curious about the custom piping... I learned how to do it here.

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