Saturday, February 5, 2011

Oops... and today's plan

hehe... so you know that new sewing machine I mentioned?  Well, I was excited to make something using it, and so I started on this sweet little dress for a friend's little girl. 

It's a quick project and I wanted to do it right (zig zag my seams, even stitching, etc.).  All was going smoothly until I had just finished off running a zig zag stitch to reinforce my gathered seam and turned the dress right side out - and realized that I had sewn the top to the bottom the wrong way.


I swear I checked it before I pinned - but I guess I must have been distracted by one of the kids or something.  Oh well.  Now to hang out with my trusty seam ripper for a little while... so much for a 30 minute project!  Oops!

So, today I am venturing out to the newest craft store in town... JoAnn Fabrics!  We have had Hobby Lobby and Michaels for awhile, and now we've got a third choice!  I'm so excited!  A friend of mine mentioned yesterday that she saw it was open, and another friend said she actually went there.  So Mom is headed over here in about an hour and we are going to check it out!

I'm being good though, I am making a list, I downloaded the Jo-Ann iPhone App too... you can get coupons on your phone and not have to print them to use them in store (simply show your phone).  Check it out, it's available for several different devices (iPhone, iPod Touch)  Also, they have a mobile site and offer text message discounts :)

OK, the kids are up... I'll be back later to share what I found and what I'm making!


  1. I love their selection of home decorator fabric!

  2. Oh me too! I haven't seen that much awesome fabric (of any kind) anywhere around here, ever! It's going to be a dangerous place for me to visit!


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