Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Workout update

So far so good!  I started the 30-Day shred work out on Monday morning and it wasn't too bad.  Yes, I definitely felt the burn but it wasn't so horrible that I can't do it.  The big thing that I realized after my first workout was that I really need a better sports bra!  hehe

So, after buying a new sports bra (and wearing a regular bra, and a second sports bra)... I did my 2nd workout on Tuesday evening.  Much better, but wow were my legs feeling the burn!  After my workout I decided to take a lap around the neighborhood.  It was quiet except for the bugs and there was actually a breeze blowing so it was kind of nice.  I probably would have done another few laps if I hadn't gotten so bored.  I really should have taken my iPod so I had something to listen to. :)

Now it's day 3... I think I'm going to give my body a day to rest.  I plan on getting up in the morning and doing the workout again.

So far so good... I've been counting my calories and staying around 1200 net calories.  I haven't had a soda since last Friday and I'm feeling good.

And did you notice the little ticker over there?  3 lbs lost!  I will probably go ahead and say that most of that is from water weight, but hey... I'll take it.  Seeing those numbers (no matter what the reason) is really nice motivation, especially in the beginning!

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