Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I hadn't realized It's been so long since I've posted anything... Geez... I'm sorry about that.  I really had the best intentions of keeping this thing going.  I'm not giving up just yet, just consider the past 2 (almost 3) months a bit of a vacation.  I'm getting back on board to post again, at least once a week. :)

So yeah... I have actually been busy with lots of stuff, just haven't found the time to post about it.  A big thing that has kept be busy, and tired in the evenings (besides the kids) is that my DesiLea Boutique co-hort, Desiree got married!  Yeah!  We have been spending lunch breaks at our "real job" running errands for her wedding... so yeah, if you've ever gotten married or helped anyone who has then you realize why that's been keeping us busy.  Of course, that means our Etsy shop went on a bit of a vacation as well.  We are working on some ideas to re-stock the shelves (or pages, however you want to think of it) and will have things back up and running sometime this summer.

I have actually been crafting stuff too... I've gotten back to my yarn crafts and have been busy obsessing over buying new supplies (cause you can never have enough, right?) and browsing through all sorts of patterns for all kinds of projects.  By the way, have you ever looked through all the patterns and such that they have available on Ravelry?  I warn you, it can be addictive... but there are some really awesome patterns out there and so many of them are 100% FREE!  Even better, right?

So far, I have crocheted a few hats, and flowers and stuff like that.  I've started a crochet sweater which took a wrong turn so I frogged it (what?? It means that I unraveled the whole thing and it no longer exists :)  ).  I started a knit sweater, and ended up putting it down for a few days... when I came back to it I noticed that somehow I managed to knit a hole into it, so that was frogged as well.  Now, I'm using that same yarn that I started the other two sweaters with and trying once more to make a sweater with it.  I figure that either 3rd time's the charm or I just need to give up and try a different yarn (maybe it's bad luck or something?  LOL).

Dress up for Ravelry
Like that? That's the Garter Stitch Swingy Sweater by Jenn Pellerin that I am currently working on.  It will be black and I hope to find some really fun buttons to use on it.  I'm going to worry about actually completing the sweater first though before I go to look for buttons.  Good idea, right? 

My favorite thing about the pattern is that it's kind of a guideline/formula to follow to knit your own sweater in your own specific size.  I just hope that I've done the math correctly, and this ends up fitting me.  If not, then I can probably find someone who it will fit and save it as a Christmas gift or something.

So yeah, that's what I've been up to.  I'll be back soon with more fun stuff... promise :)

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